Isolated, also known as Liquid CBD.
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    Our Mission:

    Our simple mission is to spread awareness and educate about the incredible benefits of using hemp CBD as an all-natural alternative for healing and well-being. Our goal is to bring the best of the best hemp CBD products to the market, and ensure the highest level of quality in every product we produce. We have made family-friendly products, so that any person or animal in your family can use them to achieve a better quality of life.



    Isolated/Liquid CBD was founded in 2017 by some forward thinking experts in the hemp industry. The co-founders saw a vision of hemp CBD being infused into a multitude of different industries to help all kinds of people with simple health issues. From food to fitness, we know that CBD will eventually be used in every type of product and application.

    Since 2017, the team has had incredible success helping people all over the globe with the natural healing powers of CBD. Our first storefronts were opened in the US and Ireland, to help bring education to the public about hemp CBD. In 2017, we won two awards from High Times Magazine for "Best Product", two awards at Chalice Cup "Best CBD Extract" and "Best CBD Edible", as well as 1st Place "Highest CBD" at the illustrious Tommy Chong's Blazers Cup.

    In 2018, we continued our journey of success by winning two more Cups at the last Chalice competition "Best CBD Extract" and "Highest CBD Vape". We recently won three more trophies for our products at the 2019 NORML 420 Festival in Memphis, Tennessee for "Best Edible", "Best Topical" and "Best Overall CBD". Even though we are a small family-owned company, we continue to beat the other brands at all of the most well-known and accredited competitions.

    We plan on continuing to break down barriers and clarify once and for all the misinformation surrounding hemp CBD. We know that one day, CBD will be used everywhere as a dietary supplement, so we are asking you to help us spread the word and get the information out there! Hemp CBD works, let's heal the world together!

    (Pic from Chalice Cup 2017)




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